It’s perfect pitch for Pop-u-Lotto at Macao Gaming Show

Paul Scutt, co-founder and Director of Corporate Finance for Pop-u-Lotto
Paul Scutt, co-founder and Director of Corporate Finance for Pop-u-Lotto
Altitude Management, the company behind the creation of the Pop-u-Lotto online, raffle style lottery brand, is taking a strong presence at the influential Macao Gaming Show. In addition to making its debut as an MGS exhibitor (stand AJ33), the company’s co-founder and Director of Corporate Finance, Paul Scutt, will be one of the key speakers at the Macao Tourism and Culture Summit.

Scutt, a British national now based in Canada, has been instrumental in the launch and operation of successful international businesses. He is a former director of a public mining company and has considerable commercial, entrepreneurial and management experience. His latest investment venture is the launch of the radical and unashamedly disruptive Pop-u-Lotto brand which provides players, with what it claims to be, the ‘very best odds on the planet’.

Explaining the proposition and the opportunity, Scutt said: “Our overriding aim is to be the Airbnb and Uber of lottery – a sector which is desperate for innovation and marketing communications which engage and excite. We are all about offering the best odds on the planet and our job is to educate the market and promote this key USP, which means being creative and doing things differently.

“Due to the fact that we are offering a raffle style opportunity for players, each Pop-u-Lotto draw delivers a winning ticket and there’s no split jackpots or carry-overs. We also have a huge range of group play options and in addition to the jackpot we have some 15,000 prizes per draw. The predominant mood music in the lottery sector is at best dull – by contrast we aim to be creative and to do things differently.”

Scutt’s current Pop-u-Lotto project provides a contemporary, current work in progress for the CFO session, encompassing all the issues facing a sector determined to find and invest in the next big thing. The Pop-u-Lotto journey has once again taken Paul around the world – most recently to South America where his capital raising skills drew in a senior commercial partnership in the form of Campeao Lotto & Gaming Corp, a Brazilian headquartered company involved in the management, support, service and marketing of Lotto tickets through point-of-sale locations.

The company launched the ‘Payback Awarded Fan’ lottery in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in November 2013 and is supplying the management, marketing and technology functions. It also has a JV interest in ‘Troco Tercedor Premiado’ a Brazilian entity established to operate the online and real-time sale of lottery tickets linked to professional soccer clubs in the country.

The next leg of his international tour takes him to Asia, where the skill of raising capital, maximising shareholder value and signing up new markets requires a finely tuned and unique approach. Scutt’s expertise in raising capital has been drawn from a diverse range of economies and cultures, and his views on marrying these differences and delivering a global return offers a fascinating and insightful perspective to investment in the gaming environment.

He concluded: “Obviously the online gaming market is extremely buoyant and whilst lottery is a major player, it is also open to a radical new approach. I’m relishing the opportunity to be invited to speak at such a respected forum and talk about the Pop-u-Lotto journey and our experience of raising capital.

“The lottery market is one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, with expenditure in excess of USD$284 Billion. With 93% of the Chinese population of over 1.3 billion possessing a mobile phone, the retail possibilities here for lottery are endless.”

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