Porter backs Luntz to rejuvenate iGaming message at GiGse

Frank Luntz, the president of Luntz Global, will offer attendees at GiGse next week an insight into how they can reach out to the public more effectively, according to former US Congressman Jon Porter.

Luntz will be the keynote speaker on Monday at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California, where he will discuss ‘Reinventing the narrative to communicate the iGaming vision to legislators and the general public more effectively’.

“Frank is able to take an issue, cut to the chase, and formulate the proper language to make a message more impactful and understandable,” said Porter, the current president and CEO of Porter Gordon Silver, an international business development, government affairs and public policy advocacy firm.

“This is something that the gaming industry desperately needs, especially at this time when iGaming is being attacked by false claims and rhetoric, not substance. Frank can help hone a message and get people to listen.”

Porter added that Luntz will highlight the importance of enhancing communications around the industry, with misinformation about iGaming having stifled the growth of the sector in the US.

“We can expect Frank to be candid with the audience and to hear exactly what he’s thinking,” Porter said.

“He will give the industry a new way to approach public outreach. Since we have never been very good at telling the positives of iGaming, or the safety and security aspects of it, his views should be a breath of fresh air and will hopefully rejuvenate our communications.

“Frank’s been a friend for a long time and I take his advice very seriously. GiGSE, as a world-class event, deserves Frank and it’s my hope that the people in attendance listen to what he has to say and use his advice to continue to combat the misinformation that is so often resonating in public discourse.”

Visit www.gigse.com for further information about GiGse, which will take place from April 20-22.

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