Janine Roth will be the “Key Note Speaker”, on the 4th edition of the Global Gaming Woman

Global Gaming Women is a free expression, very exclusive and thought for women space where Janine Roth will be its axis.

(Argentina) – The 4th edition of the Global Gaming Woman Latam will be held in SAGSE Latin America @ Buenos Aires and, during this opportunity, it will have the splendid Janine Roth´s presence ( IGT Vice president for South Latin America and Caribbean) as a “Key Note Speaker”.

Janine Roth´s career reveals an interesting combination between talent and artistic sensitivity, as well as technical abilities and organizational virtues, besides adding her great power of flexibility.

She wanted to be a cellist and has dedicated her passion to music for several years, developing a career in Austria and playing in an orchestra. She also studied Computer Sciences and International Management in the United States.
She is creative, coworker and group leader and a great motivational example for the women of this sector, which is the reason that made us consider having her present in this event talking about her great professional, young story.

“Since October 2013, she takes on the Sales Vicepresidence for South America and Caribbean” commented Alan Burak, General Manager and Trade Show Manager for SAGSE.

“Janine believes in the value of listening what the market requests and in keeping on investing in I+D. She loves to take risks and knows how to build a strong team in a cooperative environment, which is a true challenge, besides knowing how to communicate in an efficient and positive way to achieve the suggested aims. The workgroup is the axis where the labor strategy stands”, ended Burak.

“The balance between my labor activity and family life is a central matter in my dairy organization. I like doing things as part of a team and getting together all the people for a common purpose. At work, I try to inspire and motivate the group. At home, I plan everything, because I like to surprise everyone and make them feel very good. Besides, I love to travel and to enjoy pleasant moments”, added Janine Roth.

Vision about Relationship between Woman and Gaming

“Women contribute with something unique: they are able to do multiple works, they show themselves very cooperative and they are always ready to confront any challenge. I understand that they have a different view for problems than the one men have; they deal with problems using a greater creativity and they solve them in a different way. This works well when you have to build and manage a teamwork”, concludes Roth.

Until this moment, 98 international professional, gaming operators and manufacturers have registered themselves for this event: all the women that are part of the gaming “ecosystem” will be together in the same place to enjoy what is going to be a great moment.

With the fact of generating networking between the professionals of this sector as a main goal, the experts of this industry will share and exchange tactics and working tools that have been very helpful for them to achieve their present, and motivate those who are starting to develop themselves. All the gaming women will be there!

“To receive, for the fourth time in Latin America, the women of this industry, on this type of networking event, represents a great responsibility for us. We believe in Global Gaming Women (GGW) because, for us, “relationships” are the key to success. We want to help all the Latin-American women do some networking during our events. This idea, which started two years ago, is, nowadays, an “obligatory” appointment for the women of this industry. We are very sure that on this SAGSE Buenos Aires edition we will double the goals”, remarked Alan Burak, from SAGSE.