Strong international support for SAGSE Latin America – Three weeks for the event of the year

As a closing for a powerful year, SAGSE Latin America takes its turn.

More than 20.000 invitations have been already sent and received all over the world. The expository companies have their booths, with exclusive designs, and their marketing plans ready to assist 7000 business people that, in this opportunity, will be attending this traditional trade show.

On November 11th, 12th and 13th, in the Costa Salguero Conventions Centre, the 22nd edition of the most international exhibition in Latin America will be held. This is the moment for the most important meeting of the Latin American market, where all the operators and manufacturers have a „commited appointment“ for making business and for enjoying some days in the beautiful Buenos Aires, where the best deals are made with a good malbec wine and a delicious piece of meat with a Tango sounding in the background. Besides counting with the Gaming Industry presence, this will be a year full of exclusive events, like the first edition of SAGSE University, the JCM Training, the GGW (Global Gaming Women) and many more surprises.

As it is known by everyone, this is a particular year where the most agile companies will lead the way. „Crisis represents opportunities“ and many companies have understood that this is a moment for great chances. There is something that should never be forgotten: SAGSE IS NOT only a country, it is Latinamerica, and it is there where the guaranteed appointment for operators of the region will be developed.

We, as the organizers, have the compromise of keeping on supporting the companies and this sector that have been with us so many years, and it is NOW where the true friends can be seen: those that are present in the good times and in the bad ones too. This is a year where all the industry can go on ahead working together for the future. Not sowing now means not bringing in the harvest, neither in the short term, nor in the long one. The gaming market is active with an important present and a productive future, and this can be seen very clearly.

A “ Certificate of Good Business Health“ will be delivered.

This concept, which is already part of this sector´s philosophy and culture, means that the exhibiting companies, that are annually present at SAGSE, demonstrate that they are in good conditions for confronting their regional business with professionalism, trust and credibility. The novelty is a united industry, pushing similarly, and avoiding the difficulties. The only one that reaches this is SAGSE.