German Championship 08-09-2001 untill 08-12-2001

Reinhold Schmitt
ISA-GUIDE Chefredakteur (V.i.S.d.P.)

The championship in Omaha and Texas Hold’em was held in the Casino Baden-Baden.

The championship title in Omaha / Texas Hold’em was the hot battled aim of the game during the four days in Casino Baden – Baden. Each day of the tournament 9 Players could qualify for the finals on Sunday.

A lucrative price could be achieved during one of the more interesting tournament this championship belongs to. All the better with a Buy In of 400 DM, worth 1000 Tournamentjetons, 2 rebuys and an Add-On, together worth another 1500 [tournamentjetons]. The entry fee was set at 50 DM a day. On average only 33 people played every day of the tournament.

Players came from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland to play a round of poker for a nice title. Well known players like Robert Zipf, H. Benelli, C. Danner, H. Graf, Guenther Schmidt, Mr Berdugo, Daniel Studer, Uli Gerlogg, Peter Pawlic, Mr Graf, Mickey Finn, the Holle brothers, and last but not least Christian W. didn’t miss the chance to play in Baden – Baden.

The top three would draw nice prices every day, while 90% of the pot would be played during the finals on the Sunday. This price structure fitted exceptionaly well with the overall structure of the tournament.

Mr Jöger, pokermanager at the casino, was an excelent referree (during the whole tournament). ISA-CASINOS herewith warmly thanks Mr Jöger for his engagement during the German Championship.

Among the 27 finalists was R Schmitt from ISA-CASINOS who was able to join in for the finals only friday night.

At 6:00 PM sharp on Sunday, the finals started and a hot battle evolved up untill the last deck was laid. Daniel Studer was able to play and finally won the championship earning a 40.850,- DM. Second place was captured by Uli Gerloff worth 20,900 DM. Third, for 11,400 DM, was H. Dersch. R. Schmitt earned a 1.900,- DM finishing on 8th place.

This was not the last big event played in Baden-Baden. The 9th German Pokerchampionship Seven Stud will also be held in Baden – Baden. ISA-CASINOS will report on this globally well-known event here as well.