Novomatic : Walk the bridge to the future of gaming at ICE 2005

Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) presents ground-breaking innovations

(Gumpoldskirchen) The new architecture of the exhibition stand of Novomatic Group of Companies and its subsidiary Austrian Gaming Industries (AGI) is an invitation to walk the bridge into the future of gaming. The world market leader in multi-player systems and interactive live games is once again at the forefront of gaming with ground-breaking innovations: AGI opens a completely new dimension of the Roulette game, offering exciting revenue-enhancing features and management tools; revolutionises the existing style of gaming machine cabinets with the Cyber Terminal; and in addition places 5 unique games incorporating fascinating new bonus features at the centre of one of the most important gaming exhibitions in the world – the upcoming ICE 2005, as AGI‘s managing director Jens Halle recently pointed out.

„The international gaming industry has known for years what the slogan ‚Novomatic Leads – Others Follow‘ is all about, and I am convinced that at the upcoming ICE 2005 we will introduce a new casino era with our ground-breaking innovations. As in previous years, every single cent invested in our research and development activities has been well spent.“ said Halle, adding that AGI‘s annual investments into the development of new technologies amount to 10 percent of its annual turnover every year. „Our focused development activities on the combination of classic casino live games with high-end technology have lead to the creation of Novo Multi-Roulette, Novo Touchbet Roulette and Novo Touchbet™ Live-Roulette as well as Novo Flying Roulette, which have been shaping today’s casino landscape – but now we have transcended all existing dimensions“, underlined the managing director.

The Cyber Terminal is a solution, as revolutionary as it is captivating, to the question where the development of tomorrow’s style of casinos and high-tech games will go. „Beyond all our other development activities, we of course did not forget one of our most important tasks, namely to realise new and unique game ideas for the most important audience of all – the players. Our new game offerings take them into fascinating scenarios ranging from the Wild West to the Egypt of the pharaohs, from the diamond trade to the world of the legendary casino high rollers“, says Halle. He goes on to emphasize that both AGI and Novo Gaming UK have prepared themselves extensively and developed highly attractive product offerings for the English market. „England is one of the priority target markets for us and with Novo Gaming UK we are giving it special attention“, concluded Jens Halle.