Women in Gaming 2012 Launch

Women in Gaming 2012 networking and awards event (http://www.gaming-awards.com/wig-conference2012.html) has now officially been launched. For the third year in a row, the prestigious event aims to celebrate the success and inspirational women who have continued to conquer the global gaming world.

The launch of WIG ties in with today’s significant International Women’s Day. Today, there are thousands of events sweeping the globe, celebrating women’s progress on inequality whatever their background is. Equality within the gaming world is one of the main aims of the event and is rapidly gaining momentum through WIG year after year.
More information, including how you can be a part of the chic celebratory event, can be found here: http://www.gaming-awards.com/wig-conference2012.html. The glittering event will be taking place at the very chic and sophisticated Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Knightsbridge, London on the 27 June 2012.

Supported by a whole host of respectable gaming industry figure-heads, the event is a unique and elegant way to bring the online and offline communities together. The networking event will then be seamlessly followed by the glittering awards gala; it’s time to dust off those tuxes and ball-gowns and be prepared to dazzle!
The third event will once again shine the spotlight on like-minded female leaders, who have strenuously overcome obstacles in their lives to become the inspirational role models that they are today. At the heart of Women in Gaming, the networking and awards event is all about women who have stepped up to the plate in a male dominated industry; a highly competitive industry which is striving towards equality amongst gaming executives.

Those under the spotlight will fall into the following categories.

This year’s WIG categories are:
Hidden Talent of the Year
Star of the Future Award
Leader of the Year Award (iGaming)
Leader of the Year (Landbased)
Team of the Year Award (iGaming)
Team of the Year (Land based)
Industry Achiever of the Year
Inspiration of the Year 
Affiliate Manager of the Year Award
Innovator of the Year Award
The Industry Pride of the Year Award
Man Championing Women in Business Award

More information can be viewed here: http://www.gaming-awards.com/wig-awards2012.html

Women in Gaming 2012 is supporting ‘Break Through Breast Cancer.’
Last year, attendees told us that “the calibre of the female influencers throughout the industry blew us away” and this year is set to be bigger and better with women being recognised again, for their wealth of knowledge, power and perseverance.