Gamesman to celebrate 20 millionth landmark at ICE

Gamesman, the lead technology supplier to the international gaming industry, has chosen to celebrate the production of its 20 millionth push button at ICE 2011. The magnificent success story will be celebrated from stand 4272 at ICE which constitutes the company’s biggest ever presence at an international gaming exhibition.

Formed in 1996 by widely respected industry figure Ken Smith, Gamesman has enjoyed an upward trajectory progressing from a business of less than ten employees and an even smaller customer base to its current status which includes a wholly owned factory employing over 100 staff in Shenzen, China and an office in Las Vegas which was opened in the summer of 2010 to directly service what is now Gamesman’s single biggest market, the USA.

Mark Smith, Gamesman’s CEO and Managing Director reflected: „It’s hard to believe that in 15 years we’ve progressed from producing a range which comprised just a handful of buttons and some reels from a modest office in Crawley to our current position supplying technology-driven, bespoke gaming solutions with hundreds of different variants to the global industry.

“Along the way there have been many milestones notably the affectionately named ‚Halo‘ buttons, the LED ‚Disco‘ button, the industry’s first snap in casino range and more recently the highly technical LCD dynamic button decks.

“All of our breakthrough products have either been launched or shown at the London show and as such it’s totally appropriate for us to celebrate our 20 millionth at ICE. Not only are we looking forward to marking our past success of which we are extremely proud, but also to use the exhibition to launch our latest technology-driven gaming solutions and build towards achieving the next 20 million!.“

Kate Chambers, who is the show director responsible for ICE, said: „It’s fantastic for a company such as Gamesman to celebrate such a wonderful achievement at ICE. Their approach of listening to the market, harnessing the opportunities delivered by new technology and subsequently showcasing innovative gaming solutions on an international stage is a perfect case study of how to use exhibitions as part of the marketing mix. We are delighted that ICE has been a witness to Gamesman’s success story.“