4th South-East European Gaming Expo Belgrade

South-East European Gaming Expo Belgrade is promising event in the region focused on casino equipment, video gaming and slot machines, multi-player machines, components and spares, Internet / On-Line gaming, betting software, information systems, CCTV and surveillance.

The leading worldwide manufacturers of the gaming equipment and related programs recognized the importance of the South-East European market. After large fair events – Las Vegas and London, Belgrade (Serbia) has been recognized as the new growing buyers’ market of the gaming industry in South-East Europe.

The year 2009 was a year of challenge for many companies. The most important one now is to find the right way which would help you to maximize your business. GEB will assist you there. Feature new products at the only and largest trade fair of this type in the South-East Europe.

The Republic of Srpska Gaming Department, as a part of the Ministry of Finance deciding upon the law, announced its participation as an exhibitor at the 4th GEB, in order to provide information on the law regulations and the investment possibility in the gaming business as directly as possible, since there is a need for the new generation machines and new investors who would sharpen the competition as regarding the machine and service quality.

Apex comes to the fair with the new Pinnacle Cabinet with options as player tracking and Tito which are avaliable together with Multi Magic IV. Particularly interesting is electronic gaming table ‘Quikker’ that combines the thrills of roulette with black jack. It offers hours of fun with its great variation of bets and so stakes. ‘Quikker’ is just at home as a high-stake electronic table in the VIP area as well as a low-stake sector for street gaming. Your major advantage is that ‘Quikker’ also comes with ‘Texas Hold’em Poker’. Therefore, you can choose which game to offer at the times of the day that best suits you and your customers.

That the machine manufacturing companies deal with the end users responsibly proves the example of the company Novomatic AG, one of the leading worldwide companies, dealing also with the gaming organization, who assisted financially the project of help to gambling addicts and their families, provided through the Chance Club, having prominent experts for the addict disease, provide information and consulting, in order to assist and rehabilitate an addict, both as regarding his family and business.

Among the visitors, there will be also those from the Republic of Srpska, which had an increased demand for new machines last year, due to a new Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Srpska, which specified June 2010 as the final deadline for the machine certification and adapting to the technical conditions, currently fulfilled only by few of more than 4,000 used ones. And since, according to the valid Gambling Law, “each gambling machine put into operation for the first time must not be older than one year from the date of the application submittal for the issue of approval” the operators from the Republic of Srpska will need to buy new machines.

Of course, the event is open also for the general audience. All existing companies, as well as those wishing to enter this industry, have the opportunity at the GEB event to improve their business in the fastest and most efficient way.

As the greatest regional event of the gaming industry, the GEB enables you three days of communication to your prospect buyers from the South-East Europe, April 27 – 29, 2010.