DSWV Warning on Black Market Growth: Call for Regulatory Realignment

The German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) issued a stern warning about the rising growth of the black market for sports betting during its recent annual press conference. This warning is based on alarming developments in 2023, which saw a significant decline in stakes with legal providers to 7.72 billion euros. This decline is partly attributed to players shifting to illegal betting providers, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their less stringent regulations and more attractive offers.

Causes of Black Market Growth

The increasing attractiveness of the black market can be attributed to various factors. On the one hand, illegal providers often offer higher betting odds and more attractive bonuses. On the other hand, the existing regulatory framework in Germany poses challenges for the legal market. Current regulations, including high tax burdens and strict advertising restrictions, make it difficult for legal providers to remain competitive and maintain their market share.

DSWV's Demands

The DSWV calls for a comprehensive realignment of sports betting regulations in Germany. The aim is to create a more competitive framework that ensures player protection while strengthening the legal market. Among the specific demands of the association to the Joint Gambling Authority of the States (GGL) is a relaxation of advertising restrictions, particularly with regard to the upcoming European Football Championship, to help legal providers reach their target groups and appear more attractive compared to illegal providers. Furthermore, the DSWV is calling for a comprehensive, nationwide study on the problem of gambling addiction with the intention of collecting sound data that can contribute to the development of effective prevention measures.

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