New focus for safer gambling as Clarion confirms launch of Sustainable Gambling Zone

The Consumer Protection Zone (CPZ), which since its launch at ICE 2018 has developed to become the highest profile feature on the ICE show floor has been re-branded to become the Sustainable Gambling Zone (SGZ).

The strategic decision has been taken following extensive stakeholder consultation and is set against the heightened importance placed on proactive customer interventions at earlier stages of the player journey.

The SGZ will be debuted at July’s iGB L!VE prior to its official launch at ICE 2025, the first edition of the industry’s most influential b2b gaming show to be held at its new home in Barcelona.

Ewa Bakun, Director of Industry Insight and Engagement, Clarion Gaming. (Photo: Clarion Gaming)
Ewa Bakun, Director of Industry Insight and Engagement, Clarion Gaming. (Photo: Clarion Gaming)
Clarion Gaming’s Director of Industry Insight and Engagement, Ewa Bakun, who has seen the CPZ develop to become the key platform for the industry to advance its understanding and implementation of safer gambling measures and raise standards said: “I must stress that this is much more than just a cosmetic exercise. Instead, the Sustainable Gambling Zone, with its refreshed focus, will engage with the broader stakeholder group of operators who are focused on long-term sustainability, something which goes way beyond simply meeting the regulatory mandate.

“The overarching objective of the Sustainable Gambling Zone is to be at the vanguard of initiatives to help develop healthy play from the outset which includes the incorporation of safer gambling considerations from the very start rather than as a compliance requirement.

“While not yet standard across the whole of the industry, this more holistic approach underpins the safer gambling dynamic. Its goal is to create a more sustainable business in which players continue to enjoy their gambling entertainment experience with the small proportion who are at risk of developing problems pro-actively identified and assisted by operators.”

Clarion Gaming Managing Director, Stuart Hunter added: “The relocation to Barcelona will enable us to expand the ICE and iGB Affiliate offerings but also raise the bar in terms of what we already deliver on behalf of the international industry.

“The intended broader appeal of the Sustainable Gambling Zone dovetails with our relocation and will bring the SGZ closer geographically to continental Europe and closer culturally to the Latin American markets that we serve.

“Barcelona will open a new chapter for ICE/iGB Affiliate and their respective features, not least the Sustainable Gambling Zone.”