Chevron Group’s tailored audit solutions for the Dutch market

Since the issuing of the first licenses in Q4 2021, the Netherlands have become a thriving hub for gaming businesses. The Gaming Act provides strong legal framework, under which the adherence to international risk management standards, as well as further regulatory requirements as well as implementation of best practices are obligatory.

Christoph Ruth, Head of Audit Services (ECCG/Chevron Group). (Picture: Chevron Group)
Christoph Ruth, Head of Audit Services (ECCG/Chevron Group). (Picture: Chevron Group)
Failure to comply with legal and industry-specific regulations will result in fines, further regulatory action, reputational damage, and may even lead to the suspension of licenses.

Therefore, audit services play a paramount role for a KSA-licensed company’s compliance and serve as a critical tool for ensuring gaps in risk management, the fulfilment of legal obligations and comprehensively secure business operations.

ECCG GmbH's compliance audits are an essential tool for companies that want to be sustainably successful and establish legal conformity. Not only the complete overview of legal requirements, but also the mitigation of potential risks can be highly valuable for our clients” - Christoph Ruth, Head of Audit Services

Chevron Group provides the audit services dedicated to gaming companies in the Netherlands for the following areas of compliance:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data protection & data security
  • AML
  • Addiction prevention

If you are interested in compliance audit services in the Netherlands or would like to get more information please contact Christoph Ruth at and follow us on LinkedIn for industry related news.