DIAMOND X 1.55J – Elegantly curved gaming beyond X-pectations

After this year’s international launch of the multi-screen version, NOVOMATIC now heralds the impressive single screen version of the DIAMOND XTM cabinet series: DIAMOND XTM 1.55J.

Gumpoldskirchen – After the launch of the DIAMOND XTM 2.32 multi-screen cabinet in March, NOVOMATIC now follows up with the brand-new DIAMOND XTM 1.55 J-curve version of this magnificent video slot cabinet. Its elegant J-curved 1.55” UHD PCAP touchscreen and the exquisite LED silhouette make the DIAMOND XTM 1.55 a safe bet for exciting curve screen game presentation and maximum player appeal.

(Image: Novomatic AG)
(Image: Novomatic AG)
Refined details like the large foot well, two XL start buttons and the indirect LED lighting concept with intelligent game-synched colour effects ideally contrasting the black metro finish create a sophisticated blend of ergonomics and ambiance. Further design elements, which the DIAMOND XTM 1.55J shares with its sister cabinet are the modern front door panel with the characteristic facelift of the grill and the player interface options: button deck as a standard and a 15.6” TouchDeckTM player interface complemented by two extra-large physical buttons as an option.

The improved maintenance concept for the DIAMOND XTM 1.55J includes a monitor mounting that can be hydraulically lifted, granting excellent access to the key components as well as a folding mechanism for space-optimized, safe transport.

The DIAMOND XTM 1.55J now launches with the exclusive XTENSION LINKTM for the international markets.

Jakob Rothwangl, VP Global Sales NOVOMATIC AG, said: “The DIAMOND XTM 1.55J is our first NOVOMATIC cabinet with the J-curved screen and in any case a successful premiere. It perfectly complements the 2.32 multi-screen version, delivering a highly intriguing presence on the gaming floor, thanks to its stunning indirect LED lighting concept against the backdrop of the black finish. This hardware achievement is complemented by exciting and dedicated content utilizing the big upright screen format. I dare say that the DIAMOND XTM 1.55J definitely has the makings of a new bestseller.”