Alderney to Change Licence Pricing to Compete with Malta

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is about to change ist licensing cost structure for companies licensed inthe jurisdiction, eGaming Review reported. The AGCC currently operates a GBP 70’000 annual flat rate for operators and suppliers licensed onthe island. The new structure would be based on the amount of net gaming revenues generated by the licensed companies and would be split into three cost brackets: 1) GBP 35’000 per annum for companies generating under GBP 1m in net gaming revenues (NGR); 2) GBP 70’000 per annum for companies generating between GBP 1m and GBP 5m in NGR; 3) GBP 140’000 per annum for companies generating more than GBP 5m in NGR. Although the new measures would also encompass a raft of new technical and financial changes, the driving idea behind the plan is to encourage start up companies and smaller egaming firms to set up or get licensed in Alderney and allow them to manage their costs as they grow. The move is also intended to provide further competition to Malta, which has been signing up licencees in large numbers in recent years.

The AGCC held a consultation meeting with around three quarters of ist licencees in the past few weeks to discuss the plans. eGaming Review understands that despite some resistance from the companies generating more than £5m NGR, the plans will go ahead once the Alderney government hast approved them in the next few weekd.

The AGCC issued an offical statement when contacted by eGaming Review: „The Alderney Gambling Control Commission can confirm that a number of proposals and amendments to ist eGambling regulations are under review and that the scope of that review includes the framework and the fee structure. The AGCC are currently in a consultation process with interested parties including ist licensees and not least the States (Government) of Alderney. It would be inappropriate to comment further until that consultative process has concluded and firm proposal, if indeed any proposals at all, are placed before the States of Alderney for their consideration.