Aruba Gaming Expo confirmed its new edition for April 2010

Yesterday, Patricia Alarcón, head of Excellence Group, offered in Buenos Aires a press conference in which she confirmed the organization of Aruba trade show, under the name of Aruba Gaming Expo, an event that will count with the logistic support of 3A Producciones, organizers of the Colombian event.

Around 13,00 p.m., the Etoile hotel of the City of Buenos Aires was venue of the press conference announced by Excellence Group, event that counted with the assistance of businessmen of the sector and the main specialized media.

Alarcón opened the conference with an overview of the commercialized products of her company and officially announced that in April 2010 it will take place a new edition of the event for the Caribbean region, now under the name of Aruba Gaming Expo and without the participation of her former partner in recent AGS 2009, Elizabeth Leiva.

Alarcón introduced herself together with Jorge Ángel Pereyra, head of the Argentine Chamber of Bingo Halls (CASBA) and Daniel Gallimberti, president of the Argentine Chamber of the Games of Chance Industry (CAIJA), who supported the initiative and anticipated the institutional support of both chambers.

As part of the announcement, José Aníbal Aguirre, head of 3A Producciones (organizing company of FADJA Colombia) added its presence through a live communication and announced that its company will be responsible to bring technical and logistic support for the organization of the event next April, after having reached an agreement with Excellence Group.

“This project was born two years ago, and at that moment we invited José Aníbal Aguirre to join the event. At that moment, due to decisions that had to do with business, it was impossible, but fortunately today we can develop that idea and start a project together, facing a successful edition of Aruba Gaming Expo 2010”, commented Alarcón, who added that the Minister of Legal Affairs of the island, trough the Department of Casinos and Affaires of Aruba, will support the development of the new show, as well as it did with AGS 2009.

Then, all the assistants were invited to a toast with which the conference in Buenos Aires concluded.