Buenos Aires Governor would look to expand the gaming offer

The Deputy Vice-president of the Chamber of Representatives of Buenos Aires, Walter Martello, reported that governor Daniel Scioli “has the idea to expand the gaming offer in the province”.

With regards to the poker tournament to be held in the city, the legislator from the party Coalición Cívica said that the Lottery and Casinos Institute of the Province “was appointed as the main sponsor and it is absurd because it is nonsense that people is boosted to gamble”.

“Scioli says that there are councils that demand the installation of bingos it their cities and that is a lie, because there are mayors that have pronounced against them,” said the legislator.

Martello said that “there was an attempt to expand the gambling offer in Buenos Aires by the end of last year”. However, he added that it was suspended due to reports that have been made on the matter. Anyway, he affirmed that, during these months, governor Scioli will have to send some sort of project to the chamber of representatives because many of the licenses that the companies currently have are concluding their deadlines.

Last February, Scioli assured to 0223.com.ar that the possibility of renovation of licenses for bingo halls in Mar del Plata “is being revised and analyzed case by case.” With regards to that comments, Martello expressed that Scioli must have a general criteria of what is he going to do with the gambling business; if he is going to maintain it as it is now, in favor of businessmen, or if the state will really recover the role that must never have lost.

On top of that, a representative of the CC gave his verdict regarding the management of the gambling activity proposed by Governor Daniel Scioli and assured that there is a possibility to install gambling venues in places like San Isidro and Vicente López in the northern part of Buenos Aires, as well as the possibility to install slots in the horse race tracks of La Plata and San Isidro, as well as it has already been done in Palermo. “It is his strategy,” pointed Martello, talking about Scioli.

Besides, the second season of Pokerstars.net Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) concludes in this city. The final event of the championship will last four days and will be held in the Central Casino of Mar del Plata, from April 16 to 19.