Casino law asked to be approved in Mexico

The Tourist Secretary of the government of the City of Mexico, Alejandro Rojas Díaz-Durán, demanded the congress to approve the Gaming Law with Bets and Casinos in order to revive the economy with the boost of the tourist sector.

The officer considered as a „false debate“ the arguments against this initiative that is in the Chamber of Representatives since 1996 and that –according to him „in these moments of crisis may generate more income to the country.”

He explained that, due to the decrease of international prices of fuel and the decrease of the remittance of Mexican workers from US, a compensatory proposal would be the opening of casinos, because, as it happens in other places, they attract tourism and foreign currency.

Mexico “is ready, it has the infrastructure so in a first stage, this law could, together with an operational and transparent regulation, start first in places with sun and beach, and then in other places”, considered Rojas Díaz-Durán.

Rojas Díaz-Durán added that the proposal would be that, five years later, it would be allowed its opening in cities of the interior of the country, but with a high level of foreign visitors, such as the case of Federal District.

He affirmed that the casino administration should be in charge of the Secretary of Economy and Public Credit (SHCP) through the Tax Administration System (SAT), together with investors.

He discarded that the country lacks of preparation to attend problems that casinos would generate, as prostitution and drugs. He asked Mexican representatives that, at the beginning of the ordinary period of sessions, this initiative should be submitted to its debate and further approval.