Peru achieved a record collection with games of chance in 2008

Through the task of the control and formalization of the activity of casinos and slots, the Ministry of Foreign Commerce and Tourism (Mincetur), achieved, during 2008, a record collection of USD 54.4 million.

Last year, the monthly collection exceeded USD 5,132,433 in some months, considering that during 2006, the monthly collection of tax games was an average of USD 801,943.

It coincides with the resolution of the Constitutional Court that decided to declare void the legal resolutions that supports the casino operation without an authorization of the sector and, with the procedure of the formalization of casinos in which Mincetur is involved.

The casino and slot tax collection not only contributes to the development of the control of this activity in Mincetur, but also to the IPD, regional and local governments, the boost and development of Centres of Traditional Technological Innovation (CITES), promotion of turistic development, the public treasury, campaigns to fight and inform against gambling problems.

Mincetur and SUNAT are working in the implementation of an online Unified System of Real Time Control in all the slot halls of the country. This system will allow an efficient labour in the control and collection of taxes related to gambling.