Hoteliers announced support for casinos in Cyprus

The Cyprus Hotel Managers’ Association (Pasydixe) threw this week their weight behind gambling institutions on the island, saying casinos of the highest quality are greatly beneficial to any country in the world.

Expressing their approval for the creation of casinos in Cyprus in an announcement, the association said it “supports without reservations the immediate enrichment of the island’s tourism sector with pioneering and imaginative works”.

It added, “We are not claiming that these [casinos] will resolve all the problems with tourism. But their existence will help in attracting conferences and highly paid people, reduce [the phenomenon of purely] seasonal tourism and generally assist our arguments to attract more visitors to Cyprus”.

Pasydixe said that averting underworld elements and gambling addicts was simply a matter of correct operation and implementing effective security measures. “We do not agree with assertions directly connecting these enterprises with other social concerns and we feel that [the construction of casinos] should not be avoided using these excuses.”

“As a European and developed country, we must find ways to help society avoid any social dangers that may arise and we are committing to offering our unhindered co-operation to help this happen,” the statement concluded.