Online casino gambling laws called into question in Australia

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Clubs Australia believes that Internet gambling companies have an unfair advantage over their land based counterparts in Australia. They are calling on the government to review their policies when it comes to online casinos.

„Standardizing gambling laws would mean online operators would be banned from accepting bets placed with a credit card and offering gambling inducements such as AUD 1,000 in free bets, and would also be required to have staff trained in responsible gambling. If you go to Centrebet website and click on Responsible Wagering, you will be redirected to a website in Los Angeles which offers nothing more than an e-mail address,“ said David Costello, CEO of Clubs Australia.

Costello contends that the online casinos are not properly regulated, causing a major discrepancy between themselves and pubs and casinos on land. The figures seem to back up Club Australia’s point of view.

Betfair won a court case that allowed them to do business in Australia. Since then, the online casino wagering numbers in the country have risen and Clubs Australia believes it is because they are not regulated.

„Poker machines are the most heavily regulated form of gambling in Australia. In NSW alone there are more than 200 pieces of law relating to their operation. Yet when it comes to online gambling, governments have given the tick to almost 100 businesses that have secured a gambling license with virtually no obligation to responsible gambling measures,“ said Costello.

Clubs Australia is hoping the outcome of their efforts will be to have online casinos face the same tough regulations that land based casinos must endure. They are using an inquiry by the Productivity Commission into gambling to try and start their movement.