A new legislative commission to regulate gaming policies in Mendoza

The conflict on the regulation of the opening of casinos in Mendoza showed the political and economic interests of these businesses, that generate millionaire winnings. Nowadays, the Chamber of Representatives has a new commission to define gaming policies, headed by a representative which is against the government position.

From February, the new Commission of Gaming Policies of the Chamber of Representatives will start defining the new policies on the matter, under the presence of democrat Alberto Sánchez. It is controversial for the government, because the deputy seeks the prohibition of new gambling venues in Mendoza, which is contrary to official interests.

The new entity is comprised by presidents of the parties with parlamentary representation, it means, that it has majority of the opposite parties, so the government will have to negotiate in order to impose its initiatives.

Sanchez assured he is working to “define a legislation to regulate the casino activity, both private and state-owned”.

At the beginning of February, it will be held the first meeting of representatives and the commission will be constituted. The first meeting will define the issues in which they will work the whole year. One of the ideas is to demand the Senate to support the project presented to ban for ten years the application of Law 5775.

“On top of the prohibition of new openings, we will work in the creation of support centres for people with gambling problems; we will design effective strategies to assist people with gambling problems, creating social and political awareness on the negative impact of those centers”, concluded Sanchez.