SJM says company to try its best to maintain staff’s interest

Amborse So Shu-fai, SJM Holdings chief executive, yesterday said that SJM will comprehensively analyse the operational cost and various cost reduction measures in order to try its best to maintain the interest of its staffers.

According to the Chinese language news TDM, the chief executive of SJM Holdings told the media that they “hope to reduce the influence to staffers to its least.”

When asked whether SJM Holdings would follow suit other corporations in the income cut scheme, So avoided a straight answer but added that currently every sector would also consider to control its cost.

Meanwhile, he also said that he agreed with the doing of other gaming corporations as they shoulder the social responsibility.
The report said that So believed the income cut scheme would still be better than a cutback.

He advised sectors to maintain a cautious attitude to face the difficulties in the future.

In addition, the SJM Holdings chief executive said that he assumed the overall gaming turnover this year would still be stable.

Meanwhile, according to the report from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, Stanley Ho Hung-sun, chairman of SJM Holdings said the neighbouring SAR‘s economy “would be stable owing to support from the mainland and that the city and Macau would fare better than other economies.”

He also said he expected the US economy to take three years to recover and predicted the Hang Seng Index would return the 20,000-point level in two years, said the report.