Casino front-line staff to wear identification tags starting 2009

Local casinos starting from January 1, 2009 will be required to have all of their front-line staff wearing ID tags in order to identify whether they are local or imported labourers.

According to a press statement from the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL), the SAR government had already issued a coercive order to the six gaming license holders that their staff on casino floors must have to wear a tag beginning 2009 so that their place of origin and position could be „publicly identified“.

The DSAL said all gaming corporations had given „active responses“ towards the measure and already provided the authorities samples of their tags.

Apart from „effectively“ distinguishing local and non local casino floor employees, the SAR government believed that such measures could avoid suspicion among staff so as to „retain a harmonious work environment“, the press statement said.

On the other hand, the DSAL said the tags could help the public „further understand the conditions of human resources in gaming enterprises“.

Any persons who suspect the identities of casinos‘ front-line staff to be different, can contact the DSAL on +853 2833 8808 or email All information will be kept confidential.