More than USD 8.6 million a day are gambled in Dominican Republic

General manager of National Lottery, José Francisco Peña Guaba, revealed that, according to several investigations, USD 8,624,057 are bet daily in Dominican Republic.

He explained that a study performed by the biggest gaming company reveals that “Dominican Republic is the second country worldwide that gambles the most.”

Interviewed during the act of awards to the Worthy Soldier and Official, celebrated in the First Brigades of the Army, Peña Guaba said that there are currently more than 9,000 betting centers and illegal lotteries in the country, as well as 10,000 legal ones.
He said that, due to the chaos that for many years suffered the National Lottery, there are more betting centers than schools.

“This is a reality we have to face: USD 8,624,057 are bring bet every day. It was determined through a study of the biggest gaming company”, he added.

He assured that all the statistics indicate that the Dominican Republic is the second country worldwide in which people gambles the most, within the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), although he did not anticipate which measures will it take on the issue.