British Gambling Commission restructures

In the UK, the Gambling Commission has announced a change in its structure that will also see Beryl Brown, Director of Policy and Communications, leave the regulatory body after over two years.

Brown’s duties are to be taken over from next week by Matthew Hill, serving in the new role of Director of Strategy Research and Analysis where he will bring together the strategic and analytical parts of the Gambling Commission including corporate and program management alongside policy and research into one job. He is set to work closely with the body’s Regulatory Directorate, which is headed Nick Tofiluk.

“I joined two and a half years ago to help set up the Commission,” said Brown. “With the regulatory framework now substantially in place and the Commission focussing more on the day to day regulation, I have decided the time is right to move on to new challenges.”

The Gambling Commission is based in Birmingham and is responsible for licensing and regulating all gambling in Great Britain with the exception of the National Lottery and spreadbetting. The body stated that the revision of its senior structure reflects the fact that an effective regulatory framework has been established with it shifting its activities to providing effective risk-based regulation for the industry.

“The Policy and Communications Directorate has achieved a great deal under Beryl’s leadership and together they have been fundamental in shaping the Commission and our policy framework,” said Jenny Williams, CEO for the Gambling Commission.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Beryl for her contribution and to wish her well for the future.”