Gaming industry enters ‘consolidation period’, secretary Tam says

Secretary for Economy and Finance, Francis Tam Pak Yuen said Friday Macau’s gaming industry entering a period of consolidation, “precisely” at a time when the government is comprehensively assessing the development and size of the sector. “Through this consolidation, the governor hopes that Macau’s economy and society can develop in a healthier and more sustainable way,” he said.

Tam also said that the number of gaming tables will not change significantly, “at least until the completion of the study on the development of the sector.” According to the secretary, this decision was mutually agreed between the government and gaming operators.

When asked about the fact that some gaming operators are facing difficulties, the secretary said that as with any industry, the gaming one has to improve and make adjustments during operation, adapting to the different stages of development of the sector. Regardless of the adjustments made by any of the gaming operators, Tam said he believed that this will not affect the overall development of the sector.

In regards to human resources, the secretary reiterated that the recruitment of non-workers only seeks to address the lack of manpower, “a principle that remains unchanged.”

Tam also said that the rights and privileges of local workers must be protected regardless of the economic slowdown, adding that at a time when economic growth begins to slow, the government must establish that the rights of local workers as one of its priorities.