Attorney General pushing to end Gambling in Seminole Casinos

Tallahasse: The Attorney General of Florida wants a federal agency to step in and stop gambling at Seminole Indian casinos, even though the governor signed an agreement with the tribe last year.

„The legislation never gave permission for it. That’s the basis upon which the Supreme Court ruled the compact null and void,“ Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum said in a phone interview Friday.

The Florida House of Representatives says Governor Charlie Crist lacked authority to enter the compact without legislative approval, according to McCollum.

McCollum is urging the chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission, Philip Hogen, to stop high-stakes gambling at Seminole facilities.

„He can put on notice the issue for a temporary order to cease and stop the slot and card gaming that they’ve been doing,“ McCollum said.

McCollum says the activities at casinos are illegal.

„The goal here is to stop gaming and let the state go back to negotiating a new contract – start over from scratch,“ McCollum said.

The attorney general requested this action through the Commission because it is the only agency that can enforce the law and cease activities.

The Gaming Commission says it plans to review the letter in the near future.

An attorney for the Seminole Tribe says it will continue to conduct gaming at its facilities until the commission says it must stop.