A sports lottery project presented in Uruguay

The Assembly of Clubs of Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), presented before the Chamber of Senators a project to create a sports lottery, in order to generate more income to the sports entities. The idea was received cautiously by the government party.

The proposal, presented by the Assembly of Clubs of AUF, with the support of Second League teams, was made by vice president of Deportivo Maldonado, José Luis Rapetti, to the Special Sports Commission of the Senate.

The project brings an initiative presented in 1991 before the Parliament, and was delivered to Senator Julio Lara. The idea is the creation of a sports lottery, which allocates a 45% for prizes, 10% for commissions, 10% for administration expenses, 1,5% for AUF, 1,5% for the Football Organization of the Interior, 2% for the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the remaining 30% for the club collection.