Mexico takes lottery scratch-cards online

The PPLAP, the public lottery organization of the Mexican Federal Government, is to introduce a new online version of the popular Mexican scratch-card game Raspaditos within the next month.

The Raspaditos game currently represents 3% of organization’s total revenues, and it is hoped that the move online will increase sales of the game by over 23% to reach a target of USD 20,4 million this year.

The director general of PPLAP, Adolfo Blanco Tatto, said that other games offered by the state lottery company would also be considered for release online, stating that playing scratch-card games online would be as safe as internet banking.

In 2006 PPLAP offered a total of six scratch card games accounting for total sales of USD 6.7 million, while last year the number of scratch card games increased to twenty, leading to a 139% increase in sales.

This year the company has thirty three different types of scratch-cards on offer.