Patron decries casino’s TV ad as ‚horrible!‘

Claire is thin, blond, outgoing, and apparently up for a really good time.

She bats her eyes at a cute male suitor across the casino table.

Then she whispers something to her attractive girlfriend, who is brunette.

Suddenly Claire appears on a white bed wearing nothing but a black bra, panties, and strappy stilettos.

Claire is part of „the life you were meant to live,“ according to Caesars Windsor cheeky new television commercial.

But some of Caesars Windsor’s loyal customers are not interested in buying the life the revamped casino is trying to sell them.

When Rosemary Scarpelli, a 50-year-old administrative assistant in Sterling Heights, Mich., recently caught the commercial featuring Claire on an American channel during prime time on a weekday she was shocked and offended.

„It’s horrible!“ said Scarpelli, a mother of two adult daughters, Wednesday. „It puts women down and they don’t need to use women to sell stuff. It’s just disgusting to me, it’s 2008.“

Her sister, Virginia Capaldi, was also offended.

„I just couldn’t believe it,“ said Capaldi, a 55-year-old grandmother from Amherstburg. „I don’t know anyone who goes to bed with their heels on. When you see that you think of a call girl.“

In the name of equal rights there is a second commercial with a similar cheeky tone featuring a man named Todd. But Todd, alas, keeps his clothes on.

„Yeah, there’s a guy version,“ said Scarpelli. „But he’s not a half-naked guy lying on a bed.“

Unlike the two sisters, gaming expert Jacob Miklojcik of Michigan Consultants is not upset by the racy nature of the commercials.

„The skin thing is irrelevant to me,“ said Miklojcik. „These people are going to a casino, not a church.“

What Miklojcik questions is what he sees as Caesars‘ failure to reach their main demographic.

„The demographics don’t make sense,“ said Miklojcik.

„It’s mostly people 50, 60 and over going to casinos…. These are not the people shown in the commercial. Most casinos look like 1973 bowling alleys and while there may be a few fancy dressers, 80 per cent are in slacks or shorts.“

The advertisements also do not address the long border line issue, which Miklojcik says is a major deterrent for Americans interested in visiting the redeveloped casino.

„Why go to Windsor and not Detroit?“ asked Miklojcik. „It’s the border that they should be addressing, it’s such a terrible problem.“

The gaming expert says the one thing going for the sexy ads are they get people talking about the casino.

Caesars Windsor spokeswoman Holly Ward said while the casino has fielded some complaints — she wouldn’t reveal how many — the general reaction to the new ad campaign has been very positive.

While Scarpelli is turned off Caesars Windsor for now, her sister admits she’ll still be going there at the end of August for a Beach Boys concert. She said she bought the tickets before she saw the ads.