The National Chamber of the Gambling Industry created

Last July 2nd, it started operating the National Chamber of the Gambling Industry (Canaju). The entity will concentrate at least 25 companies among the 24 existing official agents, operators (just Grupo Caliente is active) and providers (around 40 companies).

This will be the first Chamber of this sector in Mexico, which moves USD 800 million a year –according to Canaju- and will be integrated to the National Confederation of Industry Chambers (Concamin).

Part of the issues to be treated will be “to promote the fight against illegal gambling before the authorities, to create plans of action to help society with regards to gambling problems as well as the segment with less economic resources and have a direct participation in the subjects connected with the regulation and its suitability to the current legislation”, said José Luis Benavides, lawyer, member of the IMGL, its Latin American version, and coordinator of the Promoter Group of Canaju.

The regulation of games and draws has been in force since April 2007, after being in the Supreme Court for two years.