Invitation: The 14th Zhongshan International Games & Amusement Fair (G&A2021)

The Only Trade Show of Its Kind in Zhongshan, the World’s Biggest Games & Amusement Rides Producing City!

  • In 2021, China will replace America to become the biggest theme park market in the world, collecting over 75.89 Billion Yuan of revenue.
  • The water park market will grow from 19 billion yuan in 2017 to 21.8 Billion Yuan in 2022, with a 15% growth rate.
  • In 2021, the children entertainment market will reach 460 Billion Yuan, growing at a breakneck pace of 30%.
  • Recovering from the pandemic, China’s tourism revenue in 2021 is projected to reach 3300 Billion Yuan, a 42-48% increase from 2020.

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