Covid-19 Epidemic Spells Chances for China’s Vending Industry

Unexpectedly, the Covid-19 epidemic has turned out to be a great chance to educate the market about the advantages and convenience of unmanned retail. In the past 3 months, cutting-edge vending technologies have been adopted across a wide spectrum of business in China, helping to fight the virus.

Here are partial examples presented to you by China VMF expo.

Face Masks Vending Machines

Vending MachineXuzhou and Tianjin are 2 of the first Chinese cities to introduced masks vending machines to its neighborhoods, industry parks, and business districts this March. With all purchasing done on the phone, it minimizes the risk of contracting the disease by touching machine buttons.

Hot Meal Vending Containers by Country Garden

Vending MachineIn mid Feb, Country Garden, one of China’s major real estate developers, donated to Wuhan its independently developed hot meal vending containers, which is able to cook 36 serves in 15 minutes, providing hot and delicious food to medics and quarantined citizens for free.

Unmanned Grocery Store by Alibaba

Vending MachineEarly this Feb., Alibaba and Zhongbai, one of Hubei’s biggest retailers, built an unmanned grocery store in 5 hours at Wuhan’s Huoshenshan hospital. Amply stocked with disinfecting supplies and daily necessities, the store received over 200 customers on its first day.

Self-Service Takeout Pick-up Lockers

Vending MachineIn late Jan., Meituan, one of China’s biggest online food ordering and delivery platform, rolled out its “contactless delivery” service in 184 cities in China. Customers can pick up their takeouts from the designating smart lockers, avoiding face-to-face contact with the delivery man.

It’s believed by insiders that after Covid-19, the concept of unmanned retail will be widely accepted by the public, ushering in a new market boom. If you want to seize your opportunities in China or learn more about the market, please don’t hesitate to sign up for China VMF expo, Asia’s leading vending show!

Latest on COVID-19 in China

Data from the National Health Commission show that in the past 10 days (March 28th-April 6th), except for imported cases, only 12 new local cases were reported in Mainland China.

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