Problem Gamblers Will Be Supported

The Problem Gambling Foundation is shocked and saddened at today’s announcement that the Gambling Helpline is closing down.

CEO John Stansfield says that gamblers need a telephone referral service to make sure they get the help they need when they need it. He says his organisation will do everything they can to see this continues.

„Problem Gamblers and their families live risky and stressful lives,“ he says.

„Gambling problems can be successfully treated and we urge anybody with a gambling problem, or with a family member or friend, with a problem to seek help.“

„We don’t know how things are going to shake out in the long term, but I can assure people looking for help that if they phone us they will be looked after.

„We established the Gambling Helpline in the first place but it was later split off from us,“ he says.

„We still provide a free contact number on 0800 664 262 where people from anywhere in the country can get help. We also have an Asian Gambling number on 0800 862 342“.