Overview of the industry in the Andean region

The Andean Gaming fair is no doubt the greatest consolidation and expansion showcase of the industry of the region. With an annual growth of 20% in exhibitors and visitors, the 2008 fair surpasses the expectations of the organizers.

With an annual growth of 20% in exhibitors and visitors, the 2008 fair surpassed the expectations of the organizers, who assure that they have been pleasantly surprised with the increase of national and international exhibitors, making it possible to maintain its positioning levels as the second fair of the Latin American sector.

“We had some small doubts as to this annual growth, because of the non- participation of important Argentinean companies, who last year enriched the offer of services and products for the gaming industry in the Andean region; but we were surprised to find that this year we maintained the line of growth thanks to a large group of new international and Colombian companies who registered in the event,” declared Jose Anibal Aguirre, Director of FADJA.

Aguirre added that “For the celebration of the tenth anniversary, we held the greatest announcement in our history, personally visiting the most distinguished industries in the region, also obtaining a positive reply from the invitations sent to operators located in the Caribbean and in Central America, allowing us to assure that there will be businesses for everyone.”

The permanent presence of the best brands and products makes the operators of the Colombian, Peruvian, Panamenian, Ecuadorian, Bolivian and Venezuelan markets find in FADJA a variety of offers that they need to make their purchases during the beginning of the year, to update and improve their technologies which will in the end benefit the player, base of this economical activity.

Besides the attractions that modern technology has applied to entertainment in FADJA’S X Anniversary, we will also hold the II International Gaming Fair CIJA, where we will present to the Government of Colombia the proposal for the strategic development of the industry. We will make a recognition to those men who fought 25 years ago to legalize the permanent bet sector and we will also present for the first time in Colombian Literature, a novel whose central topic is the exiting world of horse racing.

The economical degree of the gaming industry, the legislative transformation it has gone through during the last decade, its importance and meaning of the economies of the Andean countries can be measured and appreciated in the Andean Gaming Fair, FADJA which will open its doors on April 2 and 3 in the great Room of Corferias.