Pestana, Codere and Tsakos are the groups interested in Carrasco Casino Hotel

Tsakos Group, firm associated to Codere Group (which already operates in the country in Maroñas horse race-track) and Portuguese company Pestana, showed their interest in the tender of Carrasco Hotel Casino, affirmed Tuesday local sources in an article published by newspaper El País, from Uruguay.

Tsakos Group, comprised by Greek capitals, had already been negociating in order to obtain the tender of Carrasco Casino Hotel.

At the beginning of 2006, the company contacted Carmitel, which managed the hotel at that moment, in order to acquire the 100% of the shares of such company. Carmitel has been delayed in the refurbishment schedule of the building.

Tsakos presented a series of conditions to be in charge of Carmitel and the business finally failed. Finally, after then years of an unsuccessful management, the council cancelled the contract with Carmitel.

According to the sources, Codere Group showed its interest in participating in the tender of the hotel, because it includes a casino. This Spanish multinational is a reference in Europe in games of chance. Its business is based in the management of gaming terminals, bingo halls, betting centres, casinos and horse racetracks in eight countries in Europe and America.

Sources mentioned that the only group that withdrew from the project of Hotel Carrasco tender was Pestana, which manages a hotel and hostel chain located in historical places in Europe. Nowadays, the firm intends to expand in America, recycling old buildings and transforming them into luxury hotels.

Members of the company Puerta del Sur (which manage Carrasco Airport) are also interested in the building.

A few days ago, Argentine businessmen Martín y Eduardo Eurnekian, owners of Puertas del Sur, gathered with Montevideo Mayor, Ricardo Ehrlich, and analyzed the feasibility of several projects in the city.