Codere was granted the operating license of Carrasco Hotel Casino in Uruguay

Spanish group Codere will be the new operator of Carrasco Hotel Casino Carrasco for 30 years. Montevideo Council will officially reveal in the following days who is the winner. Besides, members of the chain Hyatt-Liberman assure that they will continue with the challenge because they consider that the tender process was not transparent.

Last week Montevideo City Council was to reveal who the winner was, but the issue has been postponed for today. However, sources that were consulted on the matter think that the winner will be Codere, which increases the controversy with Hyatt group, which accused the council of leading a non-transparent process.

Members of the group commented that they were sure that that would be the final result, and that’s why they decided to carry on with the challenge. Thet expect it to be official so they can say it officially. The other competitors, on top of winner Codere, were Wyatt chain, Tsakos group and Pestana chain.

Mayor Ricardo Ehrlich will send all the documents to the National Audit Office for a request from representative Jorge Gandini and councellor Álvaro Viviano from Partido Nacional, and so far it will not sign the tender.