Congress of Gaming Regulators to move to Mexico

The 5th American Congress of Gaming Regulators is to take place on 15 May in Monterrey, Mexico. It is held in conjunction with the ELA-2008 Latin-American Gaming Exhibition.

Previous congresses were held in Panama, but on terminating the Sagse-Central American event, organised by Grupo de Inversiones Latinoamericanas de Juego, (GRP), it was decided that this important event should be held in Republic of Mexico.

According to Congress organisers, it is very possible that the Latin-American Association of Gaming Regulators will be founded in Monterrey, a project raised over the past two years by the Puerto Rican delegation.

At the moment, there are sessions about the election of the first Chairman of the Association: the favourites are Raul Cortizo from Panama, Manuel San Roman from Peru and Hector Rivera from Puerto Rico. The Congress has elicited a lot more interest than in previous years, and will most probably be attended by European and US Regulators.

During the Congress, gaming heads from South and Central American Countries will take part, hosted by government representatives from Mexico, the host nation.

Several Regulators representing American and European gaming associations have already confirmed that they will be attending, along with sector operators and professionals.