FIFA reiterates its warning of illegal Internet lotteries

FIFA reiterated its warning on the illegality of the lotteries related to Football World Cup 2010, which circulate by e-mail, because it said it “has no links with any of them, it has not given an authorization and they are not related to the World Cup”.

In a press release, FIFA, “recommends the public to distrust all type of e-mails related to money draws and urges not to bring any type of personal or financial information”.

FIFA expressed its concern “because these lotteries say they act on behalf of the entity or in collaboration with Local Organizer Committee South Africa 2010”, after being informed about the circulation of e-mails which promises large amounts of money to the people that receive that e-mail, saying they are lottery winners”.

FIFA also informs that “many of these e–mails seem official press releases and, in most cases, personal information is demanded, including their bank accounts, with the aim to demand the prize”.