Spanish house of senators asked the government to regulate online betting

The Senate asked the government to present both bills in order to regulate Internet betting systems, through measures to encourage the Information Society Law. This bill was supported by the whole chamber but Grupo Popular, although this association allowed the introduction of some novelties in the text, such as the named Internet betting regulation.

All the parliamentary groups agreed to introduce a transactional amendment in order to regulate online gaming. The amendment asks the government, previous consultation to autonomous communities related to the matter, to present a bill to regulate gaming and betting activities, in particular those made through interactive systems, based in electronic communications.

The government should assure the compatibility of the new regulation with the norm to be applied to other circles linked to the provision of this type of services, especially the norm to protect the under-aged, youths and especial groups of users, as well as people in general.

The competence for the arrangement of activities of games and draws performed through interactive systems will correspond to the National Administration or when it belongs to the national territory or comprises more than one autonomous community.

The Senate also recommends the Government to establish a tax system, with distribution between the State and the autonomous communities. According to the text introduced by the Senate, the games and draws activities through interactive systems based in electronic communications may only be performed by those operators authorized by the administration, through a tender process, after the compliance of conditions and requirements to be established.

This way, those who are not authorized would not be able to perform such activities and will be punished according to the law.