Mexican senators ask for explanations on the increment of licenses for games and draws

Senators from political parties Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Acción Nacional (PAN) and Revolución Democrática (PRD) demanded the presence of Roberto Correa Méndez, deputy general director of Games and Draws of SEGOB, to communicate the causes of the increment of licenses for activities of that kind.

Senator Felipe González assured that at least 50% of the games and draws held in the country are irregular, because he said his organizers have appeals for protection to work, altough they do not have operating licenses.

The secretary of SEGOB also assured that the alleged increment of operating licenses for games and draws caused controversy, so he said it is important to legislate on the matter and establish limits for the process to be more transparent.

Besides, Adolfo Toledo said authorizations proliferate for these activities in Ciudad Juárez, Monterrey and the State of Mexico, and added that several companies have had privileges, no matter the current norm.

He also reminded that the Supreme Court of Justice issued a statement not to bring more licenses, which have not been complied, so the presence of Correa Méndez is important to clear the matter

Ricardo Monreal pointed that centres dedicated to games and draws are growing not only in status and touristic centres but also in poor zones, which he considered a very dangerous fact.