New report about gambling markets in South and Latin America

Article by Martin Oelbermann

On the search for new gambling markets MECN and Divine Works present a unique insight into various South and Latin American markets.

London/Munich, November 23, 2007: The gambling markets in South and Latin America have so far largely been uncharted territory on the strategic maps of many global gambling companies. But as the global market environments and regulations change rapidly, more and more eyes (e.g., Internet gambling heavyweight Bwin in Argentina and Mexico) also turn to alternative gambling markets beyond the traditional key markets in the US and Europe.

The report was researched between Q1 2005 and Q2 2007 and offers a comprehensive country-by-country analysis, in particular, of opportunities available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. Some highlights from the report:
  • Market size of USD 80 – 100 billion: The South and Latin American region has 33 countries with a total population of circa 550 million, and the market of both legal and illegal gambling is estimated at circa USD 80 billion to USD 100 billion a year.
  • Key markets: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela are considered the most prolific gambling countries in the region where slot machines, casinos, horse race betting, lotteries, bingo, Internet gambling entertain millions of people each day.
The report is published by Divine Works and MECN acts as re-seller.

A summary of the report is available via