Organizers prepare final details for upcoming EELEX 2007

This year, on October 3-5, will see the 16th anniversary of one of the world’s biggest trade show, EELEX, one of the central events in the gaming and entertainment industry, to be held in the world class Crocus Expo Center in Moscow.

The Russian gaming market has 400,000 gaming machines half of which needs to be replaced or exchanged, thus a huge demand for new ones. It remains a great retail, stock and used equipment market with unique products diversity and highly flexible offers from local producers and distributors. The country is a crucial part of CIS countries consolidated market including an incredibly blooming market of the Ukraine.

The four selected gaming zones inside Russia soon will need more equipment, from on-line systems to accessories. Russian operators themselves are energetically exploring the markets of Latin America, Africa and Europe thus taking an active part in the world’s global business process.

In the entertainment sphere the situation is also extremely promising: hundreds of 100,000 – 500,000 population cities in Russia require new spaces and equipment for amusement activities; hundreds of being-built and already finished trade centers across the country are willing to serve as bases for amusement locations with a great increase of demand for all kinds of equipment.

A Congress during the Expo will introduce not only producers, operators and distributors of gaming and amusement industry but also representatives of the four country regions recently selected as special gaming zones – the so-called “Russian Las-Vegases”; there the industry experts will speak of the gaming legislation aspects in Russia.