Gibraltar attacks UK gambling policy

The British government’s gambling policy has come under attack again, this time from the tax haven of Gibraltar. Conservative MEP Neil Parish believes the UK government’s handling of their new gambling policy has led to inconsistencies and Gibraltar’s licencing regime is not deserving of any criticism.

„The Conservative Party wants to ensure gambling regulation in the UK is consistent while providing protection for minors. The British government’s gambling policy is at fault here, not Gibraltar’s licensing regime,” said Parish. „Gambling is a hugely important industry for Gibraltar and we support its vital role in the expansion of responsible gambling.“

The UK government is bringing in a new law, through the introduction of a “white list”, which will only allow gambling companies the authority to advertise in the UK if they are based inside the European Economic Area (EEA) or in jurisdictions that can prove they operate stringent licencing regimes.

However, shadow culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, despite echoing Parish’s criticism of the UK government, believes that many places in the EEA, including Gibraltar, do not have as strict licencing regimes as many jurisdictions that are not on the “white list”.

„Whilst we welcome any measures which protect the young and vulnerable, this announcement simply highlights the staggering inconsistencies within the government’s gambling policy, said Hunt.

„How can they claim that their number one priority is protection when they ban operators from relatively tough regulatory regimes such as Tasmania, yet allow those based in much more lenient countries like Gibraltar?“