„The Peruvian market will be one of the most important of the Andean region“

Novomatic assisted to Peru Gaming Show recently held in Lima. Eduardo Armenbianchi, Corporate Administrative Manager of Admiral Group, representative of Novomatic in Perú, commented about the products showcased and the expectations of the firm for the local market.

What did Admiral–Novomatic present in the event?

This was a very special occasion because it was the first time Novomatic participated directly and not through a distributor, which is Admiral group. The occasion has been very special because totally new products have been specifically delivered for the Peruvian market, such as cabinet FV626, which has a technological renewal. Besides, we are performing a series of changes which improve the machine: it has a wider display, a better resolution and some aditional features such as the multi-language and multi-denomination, which is an attractive feature for the casino customer.

Does the debut of Novomatic in Peru Gaming Show mean that they are bringing an extra importance to the Peruvian market?

Yes it is. The Peruvian market will be one of the most important of the region.There is a big development of the activity, many big casinos specially nowadays. Obviously it is an attractive market for any manufacturer or investor in the sector, so Novomatic is interested in affirming its leadership in this market and that’s why it has brought productos specially produced for the Peruvian market.

Which is the current market share of Novomatic in Peru?

Novomatic market is still a bit incipient, however, there our games and products are attractive for the market because of a big protfolio of games were relased at the show, and we are sure they will generate expectations and good feedback from the public.

Which will be Novomatic strategy to keep growing in the Peruvian market from now on?

Novomatic characteristic has always been the innovation, because that’s the base of its strategy. Definitely there are other commercial aspects in which we will be as competitive as the other manufacturers in the market, which refers to special payment conditions, technical support, which is so important for the operator to feel satisfied about the product it receives, and, generally, to offer innovation. Novomatic slogan is: “Novomatic leads, other follow” and it has a great connotation in the aspect of innovation and creativity, which have been one of the features of the brand and the product as well.

On top of that, considering the opening of an office of Novomatic in Chile last February, its manager Rudolf Lenhart assisted to Peru Gaming Show, who assured that its presence there had to do with the visit of Chilean businessmen to the event.

“This event is visited by businessmen of neighbouring countries, too. There is a new law in Chile: 15 new casinos will open and Novomatic opened its offices in Santiago de Chile for the Chilean and Latin American market. We are interested in this market”, commented Lenhart.

Which is Novomatic strategy to enter in the Chilean market?

We are the first manufacturers that have an office in Santiago de Chile and, from there, we are working with all the Chilean market, we visited old and new casinos that are being built. With our presence in the event, we aimed to show how much we care about the Latin American market.