Texas could be newest state to legalize casino gambling

The State of Texas currently does not allow casino gambling, but if State Senators John Corona of Dallas and Rodney Ellis of Houston have their way, voters will be able to decide in December whether to allow casinos in the state.

The new bill, which has been proposed by these two senators, would allow voters to decide the future of gambling in the state. Also on the bill would be the legalization of slot machines at horse and dog tracks. That would be a welcomed addition according to Corpus Christi Greyhound Racetrack GM Jaques Triplett. „We’re hoping and praying. Without it, all horse and dog tracks are slowly fading into the dust.“

The reason for the legalization in the state is similar to many other states in the union, people who reside within the states that don’t allow gambling are simply taking their money on road trips to spend in states where it is legal.

Legislators believe if these people are going to gamble anyway, they might as well be contributing to state schools. Triplett says,“People are going to gamble , and as long as they do it as entertainment, that’s going to be alright. But we’d like that money to stay in Texas.“

The idea would be to allow twelve full-blown casinos to be built in the state at locations yet to be determined, but two of those casinos would most certainly be slated to be built on „resort island destinations“ according to the bill.