Malta: The Ultimate iGaming Destination

Having recently labelled Malta as the ‚Silicon Valley‘ of the iGaming industry, SiGMA founders Dennis Dhyr Hansen and Eman Pulis deem this nickname to be very apt, since the evidence speaks for itself. We took it upon ourselves to delve deeper into a handful of factors and how their diversity complements the fact that Malta is one of the top iGaming hubs in the world.

As with any other sector, the success of iGaming is intricately associated to the legal and financial scene that players have to confront so as to rise to the top of their game. Malta prides itself in a solid regulatory framework, with favourable tax benefits and a government that has conventionally acknowledged, understood and reinforced the remote gaming industry in the countless trials and tribulations (and opportunities) it comes across.

Malta’s unparalleled support to iGaming firms and its transparency policy is undoubtedly noted in the number of government entities that synergise their arduous work to help better this business. The Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA), Malta Enterprise, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) all collaborate to guarantee the needs of gaming companies based and licensed in Malta adhered to.

Additionally, Gaming Malta, which is a non-profit organisation was launched in March 2015. With its founding members being the Government of Malta and the Malta Gaming Authority, Gaming Malta strives to promote the country as an iGaming centre of excellence in the Mediterranean and the European Union.

We covered some of the ‚intangible‘ motives, the legal, financial and organisational frameworks in place, that make Malta a top iGaming foundation, so it is definitely worth mentioning some of the more concrete examples.

Malta is already home to around 300 iGaming companies and a multitude more are considering moving to the country thanks to the substantial investment made in creating prime office spaces for said companies to operate in.

Owing to the fruitful recipe of a great work culture combined with an approachable support system, Malta offers an outstanding pillar for the gaming and technology segments. Its backbone is supported by facets that ensure such businesses have relentless consistency and stability. SmartCity Malta, for instance, is a prime example of said achievement.

Malta also has the bragging rights for having a hard-working, multilingual workforce with an unshakeable work ethic. The number of people in Malta directly employed within the iGaming industry now tallies to over 9,000 and is set to grow even further thanks to the development of tailor-made academic and training courses, arming the workforce with the exact skills needed to prosper in the gaming profession.

Whether for companies seeking to relocate their operations here, or start-ups that opt to make this country their Launchpad, Malta offers a quality of life like no other country. It is certainly the perfect location for young families who seek the peace of mind they are looking for to build their future. With a favourable climate all throughout the year, plenty of leisure activities to choose from, top-notch educational institutions, and above all – a safe environment, this is indubitably a sought-after place to relocate in.

SiGMA 2016 is merely a glimpse into the treasure-trove of prospects that Malta has to offer to remote gaming companies.

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