Lotto Standard Software vs. Project / Quality

The discussion is initiated over and over again, whether a standard software or a project is the better solution for lotteries.

Is it not true that lottery projects are driven by fixing one bug after the other just before GoLive?
And this repeats itself over and over again with each new software delivery? And if so, why is that?

If you think about it, it ́s actually pretty clear. Each of us knows the project business and projects. Customized solutions are sequentially developed and tested just before GoLive. It builds on an existing release, which is believed that it meets the customer’s requirement. Maybe this release is already out of date. This means that many errors have to be corrected and also all processes must be adapted. I think everybody knows what we are talking about here.

How can you counteract?

In the industry one has found the solution a long time ago. Standard software is used which can be configured in large parts by the customer itself. Only absolutely customized areas are to be developed and added to the standard software. In this way the standard software can be updated in our client ́s environment at any time. This saves time and money in the development, maintenance and testing . In addition, increasing the quality and relieves all the resources involved.

Conclusion: A standard software provides quality at highest level and the cummunity of clients driving the software make sure that it remains on the top. This is not only reflected in basic functionality and configurability but also in the documentation and upgradeability.
TQG develops standard software since 1985 in various fields, based on the latest technology. Also a numerous of lottery vendors are taking advantage of our approach.

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