ICE rolls out the red carpet in preparation for largest attendance of gaming regulators

Jo Mayer, Marketing Director
Jo Mayer, Marketing Director
London – The international importance of ICE to every sector of the gaming community has been underlined, with confirmation that event organisers are expecting the largest ever attendance of international gaming regulators to February’s event (2nd, 3rd & 4th: ExCeL Centre, London).

To cater for what is an essential link within the gaming chain, ICE organisers have combined with lead organisations including IAGA, IAGR, ECA and NCF to create the World Regulatory Assembly (WrA), a programme of four events delivering high level networking and providing a forum for knowledge exchange, covering all aspects of current and future gaming regulation.

The programme begins with the WrA Cocktail Reception, (1st February) which is taking place at The Painted Hall in Greenwich. The reception is followed on the 2nd February by the World Regulatory Briefing, part of the celebrated ICE Conferences programme and the Annual Regulators Lunch, which constitutes the best opportunity to share thinking and to learn about current issues courtesy of keynote addresses from industry leaders. The WrA programme is completed on Wednesday 4th February with the IMGL Masterclass, a full day, free-to-attend session at which key regulatory stakeholders will have the opportunity to share knowledge on current industry issues.

Marketing Director Jo Mayer, believes the popularity of ICE with international regulators is an important and often overlooked feature of the event. She explained: „In 2015 we welcomed 417 regulators to London and we are expecting an increase on those numbers in 2016.

„We know that ICE sets the agenda in terms of new products, new technologies and new thinking – now, I think, we can safely say that it helps shape the way in which regulators perceive the business. I would argue that ICE represents the very best shop window for the sector and when regulators walk the aisles at ExCeL they will see a mature, dynamic and socially responsible industry, factors which will surely help to dispel some of the more lurid misconceptions of gaming.

„It is a testament to the reputation that ICE enjoys on the world stage that so many regulators will be at the Gaming Technopolis in February.“