ELA to reopen in 2016

Good times on the horizon for the gaming sector, as Mexico’s congress has recently passed a new Gaming Act, paving the way for massive opportunities for the sector and providing the activity with the necessary legal certainty.

Slots in Mexico already generate huge revenues and will now be joined by the immense commercial opportunities offered by live gaming tables.

The move puts the country in a position to offer top level international Casinos, and most gaming sector professionals agree that it situates Mexico as the Hispanic gaming market offering by far the greatest economic potential and most plentiful business opportunities.

In view of this propitious situation, ELA – the Mexican Gaming Fair is once more opening its doors in May 2016, after waiting almost four years for this legislation.

To this positive context we also have to add the huge drawing power that ELA exerts on operators from the US, Central America and the Caribbean, who know that at this event, unlike many others, they will find all they need to fit out their gaming properties: slots, tables, displays, seating, carpeting, lighting, accessories, and much more.

The organisers of the event are currently consulting with major exhibitors from other editions of ELA on whether to hold the event at its customary venue in Mexico City or at a new location in Cancun.

Leading international manufacturers, aware that ELA is an unbeatable opportunity for major business deals in the region, have welcomed the idea of the Mexican Gaming Fair once more featuring on the international exhibition calendar.